About Mentership Programme

  • This programme shall ensure that the students of Uttarakhand have the opportunity of being mentored by the best National and International talents.This programme aims to enrich the students of class 12th and furthermore by associating them with mentors across multiple disciplines. Subsequently other students across multiple streams will also be encouraged to join in. The mentor-mentee relationship shall be on a ‘one-to-one’ or ‘one-to-many’ basis/.There is no financial commitment from any of the involved parties.

    • Mentees shall be students from class 12th and above, they will be enrolled from each block of Uttarakhand.

    • Mentors will be distinguished Academicians, Scientists, subject matter experts and people of extraordinary academic caliber.

    • Mentors shall be involved in the programme voluntarily.

    • Each mentor will be free to take charge of one or more mentees.

Uttarakhand Mentorship Programme Support Hours: 10AM–5PM